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Jupiter - Astrology Prompts by MoonCoach
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Reveal the Divine Purpose of Your Life


Perhaps there is a pattern set up in the heavens for one who desires to see it, and having seen it, to find one in himself.



The Art & Science of

Astrology - Tarot - Chakras - Sound - Color - Sacred Space

For Living Life On Earth Attuned to the Light of Spirit





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Astro = Astrology
Tarot = Tarot & Oracle Cards
Ology = Study of/Science

Your Astrology chart is a picture of the cosmos in our local solar system at the exact moment of your birth on Earth, as viewed from the perspective of your natal location. It represents all your natural born gifts, talents & abilities; as well as potential challenges & grown opportunities. It is a 'blueprint' of your Soul/Spirit/Personality, and with it, you can consciously co-create your Life - giving it meaning and purpose in a new way!


Our Soul speaks to our Conscious Minds thru the symbolism of images. There is nothing 'random' about the way the Universe works - everything has purpose & meaning - therefore when cards are pulled in reference to a question or concern, those images are direct messages from your Sub-Consciousness, and can be 'interpreted' in a way that reveals important information that you need to consciously acknowledge and work with.


Sound (and Color) are vibrational frequencies that range from audible/visible to our Human 3D senses, to above & below what we can perceive. We are in constant communication with other aspects of our Consciousness, co-creating our Lives with these energy systems, so working with Sound & Color adds an important layer of healing & manifesting when we tune into relevant 'ranges' of these frequencies.


The Chakras energetic system relates to the Human Endocrine system in our bodies. These are truly 'portals' thru which we can travel into deeper aspects of our Selves, in order to bring balance & well-being to all areas of our Lives.


Silvia's Astro.Tarot.Ology™ is a unique combination of these Sacred Tools & Ancient Wisdom, set up in a way that speaks to modern Humanity, for the purpose of empowering each individual to live purposefully, meaningfully, and creatively. By better understanding yourself thru Astrology, you can then create a communication channel between your Personality/Conscious Self and your Soul/Spirit, via the Tarot & Oracle cards. Bringing in the various energetic ranges of Color & Sound, you then clear your Chakras to healthy resonant vibratory frequencies that are compatible with your Life Purpose, and further activate your Goals and Dreams thru proper alignment with your Spirit. 


This process is easy to learn and enact on a practical, daily basis - and one that MoonCoach™ Silvia Pancaro

teaches in her Astro.Tarot.Ology™  playshops; and also offers private sessions if you prefer to receive

your unique 'ATO Unique Formula' and 'ATO Attunements' independently of study. 

The system is in place, and ready for YOU to work with,

so join us at any of our upcoming online Astro.Tarot.Ology™ playshops,

or set up an appointment for a private session today with MoonCoach™ Silvia Pancaro.

The Astrology Chart: Your Blueprint
Tarot & Oracle Cards: Symbols of the Soul
Chakras & Endocrine Systems: Portal Between Dimensions
Sacred Sound & Color: Attuning to Your Unique Frequency
Crystal Bowls
Sacred Space: Interior Design
Aura Soma & Color Healing
Aromatherapy & Herbalism
Chakras & Kabbalistic Tree of Life
Jupiter - Astrology Prompts by MoonCoach
MoonCoach Silvia Pancaro

Excerpt from Moon~Coaching™ Playbook's Chapter Five:

Aligning Your Yearly Intentions with your Life Purpose Using Archetypal Astrology

By:  MoonCoach™  ~  Silvia Magdalena Pancaro

"As a Point of Consciousness, you are HERE, on Earth, in a 3-dimensional physical body. You are an earthy vessel for the immensity of Divine Consciousness, but since the expanse of God/Dess is eternal, he/she had to create ‘points’ or ‘vessels’ through which to flow chunks of its Eternal Force. Hence, here we are – all 7.7 billion of us on Earth & countless others who visit us in different vessels from other worlds (yes the ET’s and the Bumble Bees!). 

You are like the unique colored ray of light that emanates in a very special way, on planet Earth. You are actually One with all the other uniquely colored rays of light, but for purposes of expressing the diversity of potential, we all chose to incarnate as an individual, so “WE” refracted into individual rays of divine light. We all come from the same One Source, but here on Earth, we appear to be separate from it, and hence from each other. That’s where the beauty of Creation comes in! You see, our Soul knows no ‘difference’ between who we truly are, who each person is, and who Source is. However, at an external level, in this dimension we call 3-D or Earth-bound ‘reality,’ we ‘chose’ to forget this fundamental Truth in order to experience a wide range of potential creations. These potential creations may not always be ‘fun’ from our temporary ‘separate’ personalities, but nevertheless our Souls are creating it all. And in so doing, we come with a particular spiritual contract to express Divinity, in a unique way. You are Source’s Individuated Ray of Light!

Now, the eternal question for Humanity has always been, ‘Why Am I Here?’ So, let’s consider some of the possible answers to that greatest of philosophical questions: Why do you think ‘we’ are here? Surely you have some ideas of your own. We may never know which one is the right answer (maybe they all are!) to humanity’s ultimate purpose for existence. What we can answer, however, with great precision, is what your life purpose is. What have YOU come here to Earth to experience? What task has your Spirit assigned you to accomplish? On what Mission has the Divine sent you here? Quite simply, what is the purpose of YOUR life? Have you ever thought you knew the answer only to change your mind some time later, and then again? Do you think the answer is related to what you ‘DO’ for a living? Or is it something related to how you feel about life? Could it be a particular Lesson you really need to learn? Or did you come to share a unique Gift with the world? Maybe all of the above? Maybe you still have no idea? Do you think this may be an important piece of information as it relates to how you live your life including the kind of goals you set for yourself? Would you like to get more clarity on this? 

The answer, I firmly believe is found within your “Celestial Blueprint,” otherwise known as your Astrology Chart. This powerful symbolic map is a mathematically calculated drawing, based upon the exact moment of your Birth onto this beautiful multicolored gem called Earth. It holds many symbols relating you to Archetypal qualities and Divine patterns, some of which may be functioning at an unconscious level, and others which you openly express in your life. This is a very unique ‘Map of Consciousness’ which provides direct guidance as to your particular Celestial Signature, including talents and gifts, which only YOU can bring forth into this earthly reality.

In essence, this Celestial Blueprint reveals your Spirit, your Soul, and all the Choices you have made, are in the process of making and are yet to make, which are connected to the growth and awakening of WHO YOU ARE as your Soul and Creator dreamed you forth into existence. Did you get that? You were Dreamed forth into Creation by your own Spirit, with a little (or a lot) of help from your best friend: The Great Spirit. Your life therefore, is the Dream you choose to co-create with God/Dess, and how you focus your Life Force is the portion of the process called INTENTION – or the alignment of your human will with the greater Will of the Divine. And your chart is a SCRIPT or MAP that shows you some of the actors, scenes, staging, and costuming that show up in your life. 

The most powerful piece of information that this map gives you, is a basic guideline as to your Purpose in this lifetime. Although this would require consulting a professional astrologer (like me!) in order to bring this information into a more exact description, much can be gleaned by working with the Sun’s position in your chart by sign, house and relationships to other planets by even a ‘beginner’ in Astrology. Although a complete picture would be revealed by considering the whole chart, including all the planetary bodies, working with the Sun is the first and most important place to start. After all, the Sun is the source & center of Life for us in our Solar System. Likewise, our ‘Sun sign’ is the very Core of our chart, and therefore the Source of vital energy in our lives. Please note here that I do NOT subscribe to ‘Sun sign astrology’ which is one-sided and is the kind of nonsense you find in the local newspaper! That is a very, very limited application of the VAST and POWERFUL purpose that Astrology really is. HOWEVER, I do believe in the importance of the Sun’s Light and Life Force Energy and therefore believe it to be directly related to what you need to express in life in order to fulfill your Sacred Contract on Earth. My ‘disclaimer’ as a professional astrologer, who also believes strongly in ‘self-fulfilling prophecy’ as a very real potential danger, is that you MUST consider the WHOLE chart in order to receive an accurate picture of Who You Are, and of Who You Came TO BE and To Express, as a Spark of the Divine...." 
Silvia "MoonCoach" Pancaro

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Creatrix of Astro.Tarot.Ology ™

Silvia Magdalena Pancaro is the creatrix, founder and facilitator of Astro.Tarot.Ology™. A lifelong Metaphysician, Silvia has studied from many of the world's spiritual, esoteric and occult teachings, and brings a powerful synthesis of modalities to students & clients worldwide. Combining the Wisdom of many spiritual disciplines, and adding her own unique perspective, her Teachings are the perfect modality for modern women and men to put into daily practice, to be empowered, thru conscious alignment with Source.

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