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Astro = Astrology
Tarot = Tarot & Oracle Cards
Ology = Study of/Science

Your Astrology chart is a picture of the cosmos in our local solar system at the exact moment of your birth on Earth, as viewed from the perspective of your natal location. It represents all your natural born gifts, talents & abilities; as well as potential challenges & grown opportunities. It is a 'blueprint' of your Soul/Spirit/Personality, and with it, you can consciously co-create your Life - giving it meaning and purpose in a new way!

Our Soul speaks to our Conscious Minds thru the symbolism of images. There is nothing 'random' about the way the Universe works - everything has purpose & meaning - therefore when cards are pulled in reference to a question or concern, those images are direct messages from your Sub-Consciousness, and can be 'interpreted' in a way that reveals important information that you need to consciously acknowledge and work with.

Sound (and Color) are vibrational frequencies that range from audible/visible to our Human 3D senses, to above & below what we can perceive. We are in constant communication with other aspects of our Consciousness, co-creating our Lives with these energy systems, so working with Sound & Color adds an important layer of healing & manifesting when we tune into relevant 'ranges' of these frequencies.

The Chakras energetic system relates to the Human Endocrine system in our bodies. These are truly 'portals' thru which we can travel into deeper aspects of our Selves, in order to bring balance & well-being to all areas of our Lives.

Silvia's Astro.Tarot.Ology™ is a unique combination of these Sacred Tools & Ancient Wisdom, set up in a way that speaks to modern Humanity, for the purpose of empowering each individual to live purposefully, meaningfully, and creatively. By better understanding yourself thru Astrology, you can then create a communication channel between your Personality/Conscious Self and your Soul/Spirit, via the Tarot & Oracle cards. Bringing in the various energetic ranges of Color & Sound, you then clear your Chakras to healthy resonant vibratory frequencies that are compatible with your Life Purpose, and further activate your Goals and Dreams thru proper alignment with your Spirit. 

This process is easy to learn and enact on a practical, daily basis - and one that MoonCoach™ Silvia Pancaro teaches in her Astro.Tarot.Ology™  playshops; and also offers private sessions if you prefer to receive your unique 'ATO Unique Formula' and 'ATO Attunement.' The system is in place, and ready for YOU to work with, so join us at any of our upcoming online Astro.Tarot.Ology™ playshops, or set up an appointment for a private session with MoonCoach™ Silvia Pancaro today.

Astrology Chart
Tarot & Oracle cards
Chakras as Portals to Inner/Outer Dimensions
Sacred Sound & Color: Crystal Bowls, Tuning Forks, Color Therapy & Aura Soma
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