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MoonCoach™ (Silvia Pancaro), Creatrix of AstroTarotOlogy™,  guides you through this in-depth exploration of YOU with AstroTarot - Focusing on the Galactic Ambassadors for the Collective Shifting of the Ages in your Astrology Chart! In each A.T.O. Playshop we combine Astrology, Tarot & Oracle, Chakras, Sacred Sound, Color Psychology, and Journaling. We will dive deeply into your astrological chart, to gain a better understanding of how all these Cosmic energies are brought 'down to Earth' and apply the other Tools mentioned, to anchor in your Soul & Spirit into the 'vehicle' which is YOU as a Human Being/Personality. 


In this particular Playshop, we will consider the way the Galactic Ambassadors are configured in your astrological chart, and how you are playing a part in the Collective Consciousness's Evolutionary Awakening. These positions are:  Uranus, Neptune and Pluto + Chiron (The Wounded Healer). 



This 1-Day Playshop condenses the 6-week version for those that prefer to intensify the material into a shorter time-frame (the 6-Week  Course can be found on the 'Class Registration' page on our site.

Sounds a bit woo-woo? And also a bit technical? Yes, it's both! So it will be simultaneously profoundly FUN & Enlightening! There are a number of exciting 1-day (and extended) Online Playshops being scheduled - covering the many different components of Astrology, with each of the corresponding Tarot, Color and we look at ways of strategizing each part of YOUR Psyche using these Tools in your Life. In other words, my course is centered on YOU as the Center of your own World!



The course will be set up as 1-full day class via private Zoom webinar room, recorded for you to view if you miss one. The fee is 'pay what you can' within a sliding fee scale (whatever you can afford within the range of $88 to $188). If you cannot do the full fee ($188), please use the alternative 'donate' link and plug in the amount you can do between $88 and $188, or contact me directly.

Sunday, August 11, 2019
11:30 am - 5:00 pm EDT

AstroTarot with MoonCoach™: Chiron + Galactic Ambassadors in Astrology

  • 1-Day course, which will be recorded for participants that miss a class. Recordings will be available via private link, and expire 3 months from class date. 


    Graphics, handouts and playsheets will be in PDF format, and downloadable by students, via a private site link. 


    There will be a private forum for students to share their questions & experiences. This will be moderated and lead by MoonCoach Silvia Pancaro.


    All material is Copyright Silvia Pancaro. Please do not share, duplicate, nor copy. AstroTarotOlogy is a Trademark of Silvia Pancaro.

  • Recordings will be available for a 3-month period should you miss the live online class. No refunds.

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