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MoonCoach™ Silvia Pancaro introduces her 'Astro-Tarot' - a powerful process combining Astrology, Tarot & Oracles, Natural Cycles, and various Metaphysical/Esoteric tools, to create Magick in your Life, and expand your Consciousness. This system is a combination of her various Playshops including portions of Celestial Archetypes™ Astrology Course, Lunar Journey, MoonCoaching™, Tarot Mystery School and more. This fun, powerful, and transformative program is created to accomplish self-empowerment, creative expression and living Life purposefully! Working and creating with Tarot/Oracle, lunar phases, archetypal astrology and natural cycles, you can manifest your dreams and accomplish your goals magnificently!

Videos will be posted here soon!

In the meantime:

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Online Course

MoonCoach™ (Silvia Pancaro) guides you through this in-depth exploration of YOU with AstroTarot - combining Astrology, Tarot & Oracle, Chakras, Sacred Sound, Color Psychology, and Journaling. We will dive deeply into your astrological chart, to gain a better understanding of how all these Cosmic energies are brought 'down to Earth' and apply the other Tools mentioned, to anchor in your Soul & Spirit into the 'vehicle' which is YOU as a Human Being/Personality.

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