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Tarot Way of Life Experiential Course


Facilitated at Tarot Mystery School by Silvia "MoonCoach" Pancaro & Marcus Geier

Extra Special Fun Activity:


You'll also create your very own deck of Major Arcana, infused with the experiences of each Temple's Initiation. Imagine holding your own LIFE in your hands, what would it look like translated into Artistic, Symbolic, Archetypal Images, personal to you?

Important Disclaimer:


Please note that the goal of this course is NOT learning to 'foretell fortunes' but to CREATE Your Own FORTUNE By


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Participant Level:


For beginner, intermediate & advanced students of Metaphysics, and all students of "Life" in general!  (Physical Ages 18 to ??? but be ready to engage the Spirit of Innocence!)


Whether you are a seasoned pro or have never picked up a Tarot deck, you WILL benefit tremdously from this experience!

Type of Learning:


We will apply various learning techniques to create an experiential course where you will LIVE The Sacred Archetypes of The Tarot, bringing The Major Arcana to Life in FULL COLOR!

Your Experience:


You will be introduced to the 22 Archetypes
of the Major Arcana via Music, Food, Art, Stories, Aromatherapy & other FUN methods!  
You will enjoy exploring the archetypal realms of your own Inner World via ancient Mythology, modern & shamanic tools, and Archetypal Symbolism.

You will integrate the meaning of each Archetype into your life by fully experiencing it through all your senses and expressing it positively in your daily life.

Your Real-Life Results:


Be prepared to change your Life into a magnificent MASTERPIECE by taking charge of Your Self, as you journey throug these

Ancient & Sacred Temples of Initiations!

Logistics, Cost, Locations:



In-Person Live Course is limited to 11 Initiates, so please register right away to hold your space! (Location will be emailed to you at registration). Actual dates are TBA, after meeting with participants/students during the 1st (FREE) Class. Anticipated to begin officially in April 2019. Be sure to attend the FREE 1st CLASS on 4/27.


FREE 1st CLASS (includes Preview & Actual Class) on Saturday, April 27 at 5:30 pm in Canton, GA. MUST PRE-REGISTER!



Virtual Online Course (TBA, May 2019)

Max participants is 22, so please

register right away to hold your space!

This course is centered around YOU!


Course is divided into 2 sections:

Temples 0 through 9 (Fool thru Hermit);

We will take a 2-week break before we move into the second section comprised of

Temples 10 through 21

(Wheel of Fortune thru World).  



$550 for 22 Temples ( 22 Classes ).

(Discount of 10% if prepaid in full by check).

Payment plans as follows:

1 Pre-Payment - $ 495 (that's 10% off $550)

2 Payment Plan - $ 275 each 

3 Payment Plan - $ 205 each 

Payment plans & PARTIAL SCHOLARSHIPS are offered to students, single parents, and retirees. Please inquire.

to Reserve Your Space!


Due to the profound nature of the course.

(Please contact us if you have any question whatsoever as to what we mean by 'FULL COMMITMENT' or if you are in doubt about your ability to be fully present every class)

(Contact me to arrange your payment plan option, and if you'd like it set up as a Paypal subscription or paying in person with check)

*Cash & Checks are preferred at registration. Credit cards via Paypal also taken.


Please contact Silvia "MoonCoach" Pancaro

via email: silviapancaro

(please enter my email address above without the added space, which I had to add to disrupt the spammer's web-bots.)

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