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Temple Six:

The Lovers

"Two To Tango"

By Silvia J. Pancaro, aka MoonCoach


Sweet Darkness,

Cover me with with your mystery.

Lover-to-be: dancing visions in my mind

Embracing and releasing intoxicating breath

Inside my secret chambers shadows igniting

Tenderly pressing wet flesh upon my bruised lips

Throbbing pulsating thrusting encircling

Man and Woman -

Ancient alchemical formula

Heavy leaden emptiness transforming

Into Precious Liquid Gold

Transfusion of Energy

One and the Same

Bliss Ecstasy Nirvana Heaven

Plunging into uncharted oceans

Unknown outcomes demanding Total Surrender

Perfect Union

“It takes two to Tango…..”  She whispered….and he took her into his arms…


Silvia J. Pancaro

12:37 am

Copyright, All Rights Reserved By Silvia J. Pancaro
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