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Temple Fourteen:


The Mystery and Blessing of Physical Pain

by Silvia J. Pancaro February 4, 2006

1:40 pm – Roswell, Georgia


How often have we ‘cursed’ the pains that our bodies go through at various points in our lives? Yes, we’ve all had everything from a minor headache to broken bones to life threatening illnesses throughout the course of our lives. And we’ve all wished the pain away, gone to medical doctors to prescribe pain killers and worked with various healing modalities in order to cure us of our ailments. And why shouldn’t we? After all it is very uncomfortable to go through our day living in pain – whether it’s a momentary one or its chronic version. We can’t focus on our daily duties if we have a migraine and we can’t do all our usual ‘doings’ if we have a broken leg or sprained ankle and we can’t live our lives in the usual manner if we have a disease which leaves us with nothing to focus on than the healing of the physical pain. Who wants to live with pain?


I propose that pain is the proverbial blessing in disguise that can potentially lead us to an Awakening of sorts – which actually leads us to the Golden Door of Freedom within our Souls. “How can that be?” you ask. Well, consider that Life boils down to CONSCIOUSNESS and that Consciousness demands an Awareness of itself in order to function at its utmost level….most of us tend to ‘fall asleep’ and go into an ‘automated’ functioning in our daily lives. We forget who we are and what we are here to do – basically, from a metaphysical perspective, to return ‘Home.’  We get caught up in the ‘matrix’ of day-to-day survival and all that it implies. Even those of us that are on a ‘spiritual’ path and dealing with that aspect, can fall into the illusion of the spiritual chase and become just as ‘lost’ as those who are caught up in their chase for money and fame. It’s very easy for this ‘falling asleep’ and ‘automatic functioning’ to happen to the very best of folks.


So, how does pain fit in with all that? Well, when we go into automatic mode, we lose our sense of the awareness of Higher Truth…right?  If we are not aware of where we are and where we are really going, we end up in a vicious cycle and even though it looks as if we are moving towards something, we are trapped in a ‘torrus donut’ where the energy just circles and circles into itself. What we need is to be fully conscious individuals in order to turn our energy into a Spiral, up towards a Freedom which is actually beyond words, beyond any kind of description.  If we are in ‘auto’ then we need something, some ‘bolt of lightening’ to shake us up out of our comfort zone – and if we don’t do it the easy way, then surely our Angelic/Higher Self will send forth the message via our bodies, in a way that will totally shock us.  Yes, it is painful and yes it’s totally uncomfortable, and yes it can even disrupt our daily lives – but that is EXACTLY THE POINT!  When we fall asleep, sometimes we are so very deeply asleep that all the loving nudging in the world by our parent or lover or child won’t serve to ‘wake us up’ so quite frankly, a bucket-full of ice water just may be what our Angelic/Higher Self prescribes! 


And when we fall into the pit of self-pity (or the New Age equivalent would be running from channeler to healer to seminar to any other self-help methods), we ‘pray’ for an end to the apparent psycho-emotional issue or we might even pray for some ‘good’ to keep us on our spiritual path – and the answer to the prayer just may be that physical pain or ailment that so disrupts our daily lives.


It forces us to look deeper, if we don’t get too involved with the actual pain itself by trying to ‘relieve’ it.  If we ask ourselves, why does my back hurt so much? Or what is this headache really all about? Perhaps we say, I wonder why I broke my foot? And even, what is this Cancer trying to tell me to truly heal? When we ask our Selves (ie, Angelic/Higher Self) these types of questions, THEN and ONLY THEN are we truly on the way to Absolute Healing.  If we consider that the body (and all third dimensional, physical ‘reality’) is nothing more than the externalization of what is ‘within’ – being our Spirit and Soul – our Emotions and our Mind – then we can begin to shift the way we look upon the pains which can at times plague our bodies.  The trick is knowing when to listen…do you ‘get the message’ when you get the first hint of a low-grade headache – or do you wait to ‘listen’ until it’s become a raging migraine? It’s a great thing to be so in tune with your Angelic/Higher Self that if you are ‘off-base’ and starting to fall asleep, not getting the initial ‘hints’ so that what could have been a gentle nudge turns into the ice cold bucket of water via a growing pain that turns into a chronic pain or a full blown dis-ease.


It boils down to choosing how we look at our bodies – as curses or temples? I for one, used to feel very differently about my body…I thought I was ‘trapped’ in this physical nightmare and dreamed of other ‘worlds’ and all I was concerning myself with was my ‘spiritual’ Journey. I believed that being ‘here’ with 2 arms, 2 legs, blood, sweat and tears plus a skeletal system, internal organs and all physical sensations, was a trap, a curse, a punishment, and a sacrifice that “I” in my spiritual BE-ingness made for some greater cause, which of course I believed was to ‘save’ all others. That’s actually a trap that most ‘new agers’ and ‘semi-enlightened’ people have fallen into – it’s all nice and dandy to believe that we sacrificed our fully-evolved souls in order to return to the physical dimension to help others who had yet to experience the ‘One-ness’ of  the ‘real’ world…typical martyrdom and saviour complex…but the fact is, that we are here to ‘save’ only ourselves – to ‘enlighten’ only those parts of our Selves that we lost somewhere along the Path – to ‘awaken’ that ego-tistical/ego-centric aspect of our True Self that got caught up on the Grand Illusion of all great illusions:  that of believing that we are already “One” with All That Is, but if we were, we wouldn’t be believing that the saving of our Earth/Humanity is up to us…how haughty of us to believe that the Allness of which we are a part, needs any saving!  God/dess is so much greater than that! And I believe (FINALLY), what we forgot is that we are hear simply to remember to love and en-JOY the experience we are creating….so that first and foremost we must remember that the Human Body (and the Earth herself) are vehicles for the Express-ion of our Divine Natures…and from that place of understanding we can learn to listen to its signs, including the physical pain we might feel from time to time, as promptings from our Divine Self to remember that the only thing we really have to be “AWARE” of is that it’s all a Journey…one that we must en-JOY, like when we go on vacation to the Carribbean or to Europe or on safari to Africa, etc…while at the same time, returning to the God/ddess Self from which we came…instead of believing that we need to ‘cure’ anything at all – Earth, our bodies or other people.  It’s the ultimate in human hubris – to feel that without our input, Life cannot continue – God is Life – and God is Eternal…and although we are a Part of that Eternal God BE-ingness, it’s not our temporal human expression that will affect it – but re-member-ing that God expresses through us…


So, the next time you get some pain in the neck, maybe it’s God trying to get your attention…saying, “Hey, Silvia, did you forget? You are not apart from me, but “A PART OF ME”…wake up and smell the roses…go for a motorcycle ride in the country with Marcus and Sebi…stop trying so hard to save the world and just re-turn to me…I’m here…stop trying so hard and JUST BE.”

Copyright, All Rights Reserved By Silvia J. Pancaro

Temperance - key 14

Card & Description

Created & Wriiten by

Silvia 'MoonCoach' Pancaro, May 10, 2020


In this interpretation we do not see an 'Angel' in the usual form as found traditionally in Temperance - because this Divine Presence is really a Frequency. The Radiant 'Guardian' Angel (Solar Angel) has a form but it is more precisely experienced as Sound and Colour! Receiving this card in a reading is an invitation to collaborate with your Holy Guardian Angel in some healing capacity thru an Artistic medium that most resonates for you: Drawing, painting, writing, singing, dancing, drumming are just a few options. The idea is to align your everyday Consciousness with your Higher Self in order to flow the Divine Creative Energy thru your hands, your feet, your body, your mind, your heart. Through this attunement between your Divine Self and your Human Self, an Alchemical healing can occur. Temperance, Key 14 is portrayed as an Alchemical process. It shows how we create conscious change, and manifesting from one form to another. The requirement is simply that of aligning your Human will with that of the Divine Will, so a type of humble surrender to one's Higher Consciousness coupled with Faith & Trust in that Power, will get you thru the process of transformation that you are about to embark. Are you ready to raise your frequency and vibration to the next higher level?


Key words: 

Art, moderation, alchemical transmutation, blending of energies, equilibration of opposing forces, synthesis, probation/trial as in being tested or tempered, balance of elements, healing, Holy Guardian Angel, Higher Self.


Long Description:

Temperance, Key 14 is portrayed as an Alchemical process. It shows how we create conscious change within ourselves, as well as manifesting from one form to another in a tangible way. It represents the idea that Vibrations go thru many layers of experience, and thru experimenting with different 'vibes' we can achieve a shift in Consciousness.  Traditionally, we see an Angel in this card, but in my interpretation this Angel is implied, and is experienced directly thru attuning to its unique Frequency - specifically, meditative attunement to one's own Holy Guardian Angel - thru sound, color and Intention. This card invites you to connect with and form an energetic link, with your Holy Guardian Angel (the Solar Angel) thru experimentation with any of the many 'Art' mediums you are most drawn to. Perhaps you can try drawing or painting, collecting and creating a collage with dried flowers, writing a poem or a short novel, composing a musical song, or allowing your body to move in rhythm with music thru dance, or whatever suits you. This is not about being an Artist in the traditional way, but giving yourself permission to blend, fuse, separate, combine and create Art that comes from your own Soul - as an expression of your Spirit, coming from direct contact with your Higher Self (or Holy Guardian Angel).


The idea behind the Temperance card is that you engage in a PROCESS of Alchemical transformation. An alternate name for this Key is 'ART' (as in the Thoth Tarot deck). Ask yourself: What do Artists feel? Then allowing yourself the freedom to explore this question, play with an amorphous 'form' that you imagine in your Mind's Eye - what is it? What can it possibly be? Or how can you play with it, mold it, imagine it, to BECOME? Work with the process in which you have an unclear mental concept or vague idea...but as you work with your medium of choice, non-judgmentally surrender yourself totally to the process of allowing the 'thing' to unfold, to gestate, to shapeshift and finally to take the ultimate Form it was meant to take. This applies to writing a song or musical composition, or to painting or drawing a piece of art, or to designing the interior of a house or office. The process itself is Alchemical, and it CHANGES YOU, the one 'doing' the process, or rather THROUGH which the process occurs, and in so going thru this, One's Higher Light radiates into whatever is taking Form. I equate this to the Genius with which we are all born, and this IS the Holy Guardian Angel (Solar Angel), which is ultimately YOU in highest Vibrational reality. So, whatever we produce, IS Alchemical Transformation of our own Consciousness thru the Act of changing ourselves. WE are the very 'thing' that is being tempered into Perfect Radiance thru this process. 


Within the very title 'Temperance' we find it's ultimate meaning: Temper

"Old English temprian 'bring something into the required condition by mixing it with something else', from Latin temperare 'mingle, restrain'. Sense development was probably influenced by Old French temprer 'to temper, moderate'. The noun originally denoted a proportionate mixture of elements or qualities, also the combination of the four bodily humors, believed in medieval times to be the basis of temperament." (Online Etymology).  So, whether we call this card Temperance or Art, we are speaking of working with Elements held within ourSelves, and consciously applying artistic skills to change ourSelves. From an Esoteric perspective, we are being 'tested' and put thru the Alchemical Fires at the hands of our own Higher Self, in order to fuse our 'lower self' with our 'higher self' and become Whole. This is not necessarily an 'easy' card to contend with, because we must release the old, the heavy, the lead of our egoic consciousness - and that can be a painful process. But having brought our inner 'elements' into balance, ultimately we are positioned to shine our greatest Light as we step out renewed and resplendent.


Astrologically, Temperance is associated with the 9th sign, Sagittarius. This implies a spiritual quest that is undertaken enthusiastically. This word come from the Greek 'enthos' which means 'to be possessed by a god'). In Ancient times, the Romans and the Greeks celebrated a child's birth by recognizing he or she was born with a tutelary spirit called the Genius (for male infants) or Juno (for female babies) who would remain with that child thru their entire life. It is from this that we get 'guardian angel' so we are indeed 'possessed by a god' since these tutelary spirits or angels are Divine in origin. Enthusiasm is a key component of this Astrological archetype, and it is therefore transferred to Temperance. 


Symbols found in this image:

  • The chalices in gold (Spirit/Solar) and silver (Soul/Lunar) which combine together to create something new. 

  • The mist in the background represents the amorphous field of everything and nothing - or the implicate order from which all that is, arises.

  • The music represents both vibration AND the ultimate end result.

  • The rainbow is all vibrations and frequencies, as well as representative of ALL LIGHT

  • The red/gold circular field is the Vibrational Frequency of the Holy Guardian Angel (each of ours is unique to ourselves).

  • The golden sparks and the golden radiance emanating from the Holy Guardian Angel is the Energy we hold within ourselves and the material with which we create and recreate ourselves and all that we wish to manifest.

  • The swirls in the background are all the thoughts, feelings, desires, wishes, dreams, as well as all our emotions both positive & negative, that are to be transmuted and resolved within the alchemical cauldron of Self.

  • The entire image is the very process of alchemical transmutation and initiation.

Copyright, All Rights Reserved By Silvia J. Pancaro
14 Temperance by MoonCoach Silvia Pancar
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