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Tarot Session

Tarot session via private webinar room, live & recorded, guiding you in understanding your current energy patterns, for you to make the best decisions.


$90 for a 30 minute session 

$178 for a 60 minute session


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Tarot Tutoring

Interested in learning the Tarot? Private tutoring with Silvia "MoonCoach" Pancaro in the SW Florida area, or via private webinar.  Program custom designed around your schedule and level.


Pricing varies. Please inquire.


Astro-Tarot Combo Session

Combination Tarot + Astrology, 2-hour intensive session for deeper inquiries and guidance, via private webinar room.


$350 for 2-hour session


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For more information on my other services including Sacred Space Interiors (Interior Design), Moon~Coaching,  Astrological Aromatherapy & Reflexology, Elements of Alchemy and more:

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