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As those of you who have been working with me already know, there's a particularly powerful bit of Magick that takes place when we combine my Moon~Coaching™ process with Tarot and/or Oracle cards. Each moonth, we follow the prompts indicated in the Moon~Coaching™ Playbook, journaling our dreams & goals, according to the energetic frequency of the Zodiac sign in which the Sun & Moon join forces at New Moon. We follow along the lunar cycle, phase by phase, sign by sign, taking action according to the meaning of each phase/sign combination. Journaling our plan, our actions, our progress, our manifested outcome and ultimately the InSights we have as a result of the Lunar Journey. The process is simple enough, and yet requires a strong focus on what we want to achieve, as well as dedication to our Soul's inner guidance. 


And when we add the Tarot and/or Oracle cards to our Moon~Coaching™ Lunar Journey each moonth, we receive additional Soul-full promptings, as well as making it infinately more FUN! I will be posting here at each New Moon, as well as each of the 8 Lunar Phases, cards to guide us collectively through the lunar moonth. I encourage you to do the same with your personal goals/dreams. Please write to me and share you own questions and insights (but please respect my Time, so do not ask me for free Astrology/Tarot readings. Feel free to book a session on my appointment page on this site).


If you prefer, pull just 2 cards each month (if working with all 8 phases feels overwhelming). One for the New Moon, and the other for the Full Moon. Or you can work with 4 phases (New, 1st Quarter, Full, Last Quarter). Of course, my preference, as I've designed Moon~Coaching™ is to work with all 8 phases:  New, Crescent, 1st Quarter, Gibbous, Full, Disseminating, Last Quarter and Balsamic. I will post the picture for the Moon~Coaching™ 8-Step-Creational-Cycle here, for easy reference. If you have the Moon~Coaching™ Playbook, you'll find the prompts in each lunar moonth section for an entire year's journaling. Otherwise, create your own artistic moon journal, and jot down your 2, 4 or 8 cards at each related phase. I'll create different posts for each lunar moonth (always commencing with the New Moon of course), to guide you through the creative process.


As this site is under reconstruction, please visit my Moon~Coaching™ + Tarot = Magick! Blog here:







In~Joy your Lunar Journey!


Peace & MoonBeam Blessings,

Silvia "MoonCoach" Pancaro

Creatrix of Moon~Coaching™

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