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Temple Two:

The High Priestess

"Cauldron Of The Goddess"
  By Silvia J. Pancaro aka MoonCoach

  I Am Cerridwen, Crone of Flame,
  Before you I stand
  With my Magickal Staff in hand.

  Come closer and fear not -
  My Flame is Eternal and burning hot...

  All that you see
  Once began in The Cauldron
  Of my Sacred Womb.

  And when all that you see
  Has worn out its Energy,
  My Cauldron becomes
  Its Sacred Tomb.

  The Secrets of Life & Death
  Are mirrored in my Cycles
  Being played out in the Nightly Skies
  By The Alchemical Dance
  Of the Sun and The Moon.

  The Ebb and The Flow
  Of their precious Light -
  Shifting and Creating
  Angular Geometries,
  Remind you of my might:

  Dark and Bright
  Shadow and Light
  Day and Night....

  All these Polarities fall into my Reign
  And within the increasing, decreasing
  Of The Masculine & The Feminine
  Are all Creatures, great and small,
  Birthed in to Eternal Life.

Copyright, All Rights Reserved By Silvia J. Pancaro
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