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The Temples Of Initiation:

Zero through 21

Each Tarot Temple is a Sacred Initiation into one of Life’s many Lessons.  At Tarot Mystery School, we introduce you to each Major Arcana Archetype, in ways that permit you to identify the related energy in your own life. There are deep esoteric truths painted into each detail of each card which reflect the many aspects of our Human-ness and of the Earthly Experience.  In entering each Temple, you will meet an Aspect of your Self, face to face, in the card’s imagery.

Many times, we ‘block’ our experience of a normal human emotion because of unresolved issues which we have buried in our sub-conscious mind. Using these Archetypes will help bring those unconscious issues up to the surface for you to identify them, deal with them and heal them if you so choose. This Mystery School is based on creating a safe and sacred space for you as the participant on the journey toward freedom.  

There are some Major Arcana cards which you will thoroughly enjoy experiencing, and you’ll find some present a challenge for you. It is natural, for example, to feel resistance when entering the Temple of Death. Death is a frightening concept for the vast majority of people in Western Society.  However, in this Temple’s Initiation, you will discover a most wonderful surprise about what may have previously frightened you, literally ‘to death.’ For other people who may have issues with personal relationships, the Temple of the Lovers may present a challenge. Once again, in dealing with the Archetype’s Energy, you will uncover an opportunity to heal a forgotten wound.  

You will embark upon your Journey on The Royal Road, during Week Zero in the Temple of The Fool.  It is here that you will ‘embody’ the Archetype of The Fool, fully expectant of the wonderful adventures that await you beyond the Limits of Your Imagination.  With an open mind and a trusting heart, YOU as The Fool, travel through the following 21 weeks learning, growing and expanding your awareness and claiming Freedom as you arrive finally, in The Temple of The World!

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