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The Fool's Journey


The Fool's Temple
and Journey Through
the Ancient Archetypes of
The Major Arcana
To Discover Your Divine Essence!

The Tarot Way of Life

Tarot Mystery School Philosophy

by Silvia "MoonCoach" Pancaro & Marcus Geier


The Fool’s Journey is the path of the Initiate into the Realm of the Forgotten. YOU embody The Fool as the very Spirit of the Divine! In the  words of Teilhard de Chardin,  “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” The Tarot is a Living Book of Self-Wisdom in which you find your True Self reflected in & as each and every Archetype of the Major Arcana. The Cards reflect Life with all its ups and downs, its joys & sorrows—all the trappings of this Grand Illusion we have named the Human Drama. Each card, then becomes a Mirror of your own habits, attitudes, beliefs, expectations—and you will discover all that may have been unconscious within your Mind & Heart. Doing this, you become emPowered and able to heal the old wounds, as well as finally appreciate the Inner Gifts of your Soul!  

We believe that each Tarot card is a Temple of Sacred Initiation into one of Life’s many Lessons. We will introduce you to each Archetype in ways that permit you to identify the related energy in your own Life. There are deep esoteric Truths painted into each detail of each card which reflect the many aspects of our ‘Human-ness’ and of the Earthly Experience. In entering each Temple, you will meet an Aspect of your Self, face to face, via the Card’s imagery.

The Fool, then represents, that innocent and trusting Aspect of our Nature. The Fool is that Energy of Divine Folly which recognized an adventure worthy of diving into in order to play, to experiment and to live! The Fool can put you back in touch with that precious energy of Trusting-Creative-Innocence and reminds you that indeed you are a Divine Being having a Human Experience!

To experience the Tarot as a Living Initiation into Life's Mysteries, is then, living the Tarot as A Way of Life!  Your everyday, mundane experiences, becoming symbolic representations of Inner emotions, Inner pictures, Inner Journeys.  Seeing life in the manner, frees your Spirit - gives you the ability to decide what to co-create in a deliberate manner the very world around you!


Copyright Silvia "MoonCoach" Pancaro. 

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