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Temple Zero:

The Fool

Ode to the Fool...
By Silvia "MoonCoach" Pancaro
Oh Fool, what Message do you bring
on this Night with Full Moon seen?
I bid thee come in colours bright
to set my feet on a Path so right,
Wisdom in your eyes I see
while vulnerability in your Heart inspires me…
Open am I to experience Life –
with Courage I stand to face all strife.
The Wings behind you invisible to sight
as you endeavor to take flight,
From high upon this Magickal cliff
leaving behind all matter of questioning, “What if’s?”
You trust completely ALL THAT IS
remembering always the connecting Bliss.
Oh Fool, what Questions in me you inspire
while on this Journey we transpire
Adventures of Dual-ity
in spreading Light via Humanity.
More Answers do we forget
if off we veer from this Path we’ve set
By losing our Childlike Innocence
and falling into the pit of fearful compliance.
Oh Fool, let us always Dance
with Heart-full, in Spiritual Trance
And forsake not the One and Only Truth
as we return to a Beginning, Round and Smooth,
from Beginning to End
forever to defend
The Grand Circle of Infinite Love.

Copyright, All Rights Reserved By Silvia J. Pancaro
July 6, 2001 – Midnight
(Written while attending Jeffrey Brock's course in Miami)
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